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Corporate Safety Training
For over 30 years, NWSOS-ITP has been providing basic to advanced training and consulting for some of the largest companies in the world, as well as the United States Military (USASOC and varying branches, special forces, elite units, SERE instructors, and other active/reserve teams), law enforcement personnel, miscellaneous state and federal government agencies, search and rescue teams, and the general public. Our specialty is designing and running specific training to match your company’s needs. Whether you send your employees to one of our open enrollment courses, or you choose to have us offer private training at your desired location, you can rest assured that your employees are training with the leading company in the industry in outdoor safety. We operate year-round in varying climates and terrain conditions. Therefore, we understand the knowledge and skills necessary to mitigate risk to your employees while working in a backcountry environment.
Training Locations and Schedule:

Multi-state Winter Trainings:

Let us know the type of training you desire.
Any program/date set can be adjusted to meet your precise needs.

Training Content: Snowcat, Snowmobile, Tracked ATV/UTV, Land Navigation (Map & Compass/GPS), Avalanche, Cold Weather Survival.

2019 Corporate Winter Safety Schedule
Call for specifics re: the below scheduled training

Devils Lake, ND or Bismarck area week of Jan 7
Rapid City, ND area week of Jan 14
Anaconda, MT area week of Jan 21
Baker City, OR area week of Jan 28
Auburn, CA area week of Feb 4
Evanston, WY area week of Feb 11
Evanston, WY area week of Feb 18
Evanston, WY area week of Feb 25
Evanston, WY area week of Mar 4
Open - you pick the area week of Mar 11
Open - you pick the area week of Mar 18
Open - you pick the area week of Mar 25

April dates available upon request. 

Note: Other dates/locations can be made available. All dates and locations are subject to change
due to enrollment and winter snow conditions. Call NW School of Survival at (503) 668-8264 to
discuss details. If you get voicemail, feel free to call Brian directly on his cell phone at (503) 702-3514
or email him at to discuss details.

Duration and Content of Training:
Programs usually run 2 - 5 days. We can help you design the content and duration of your own event that will best meet your needs. Since safety and skill is of vital concern to you and us, we will recommend the most appropriate training for your teams once we receive some initial information from you.
Training Options (Five):
Option 1 – Indoor Seminars:
Duration: 1 hour to 8 hours – you choose. Two to four hours is the most popular format for indoor seminars. We will provide whatever training you need, in either an overview format or very detailed training, using slides, videos, overheads, handouts, equipment display (actual gear review of survival kits, clothing, boots, equipment, etc.), to enhance the learning experience. We recommended the indoor seminar format for those who have teams who work outdoors, but who are not necessarily exposed to remote, dangerous locations due to weather, terrain risks, etc (see Field Training for these exposures). These seminars are also great for those whose budgets are not currently sufficient enough to book field training. We believe that, “any quality training is better than none at all.”
Option 2 – Field Training:
Courses usually range from 2 - 5 days of field training (unless you book otherwise), depending upon the skills to be taught. We can combine varying elements of skill-sets during the training, to ensure multiple-facets of training are covered. Our extensive hands-on training will instill confidence in your employees ability to meet their basic needs during a backcountry emergency.
Option 3 – A combination of Options 1 & 2 – Indoor Seminars & Field Training:
This option provides both elements of indoor and field training to maximize the learning process for your teams.
Option 4 – Private Consulting (Individual or Groups):
You can also hire NWSOS-ITP on a retainer basis (call for details), to ensure that whenever/wherever your team needs training or a consultant for related work, they get it in short order. This ensures that new team members who require a certain amount of training, get it when they need it, rather than waiting for an “open-enrollment” course to be offered.

This not only includes training, but also includes assisting your team evaluate safety risks and develop safety protocol and standards, to helping you establish rescue preplanning and procedures, survival kits, first aid kits, clothing, footwear and equipment evaluations/recommendations, etc. Everyone who ventures into the field to work or recreate faces many types of risks. One of our specialties is working with you on doing everything possible to minimize those risks to your employees.
Option 5 - Instructor Training and Certification (Basic - Advanced Levels)
Please email us at , or call us at (503) 668-8264 for details.
Costs and Payment:
The per person/per day rate varies, depending upon location, duration, content and number of attendees. Forms of payment include: Gov't Impac Cards, Visa, MasterCard, Checks or EFT's.
To Inquire About or Book Safety Training:
Call us at (503) 668-8264 and provide us with the following information:

The content – What kinds of environmental risks your employees face while on and off the job, or what season you would like to participate in training.

The location(s) – Where you would like the event to take place – anywhere in the world.

The dates(s) – When you would like the program to occur.

After we have the above information, we will design the event(s) to meet your needs and discuss our final proposal with you in detail.


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