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NWSOS Cold Weather Survival Training
NWSOS offers some of the most comprehensive cold weather survival training in the country. Our hands-on methods of teaching will give you the confidence necessary for surviving in a cold weather environment. All of the skills taught will enable you to meet your basic needs in a survival situation from constructing shelter to signaling for help.
Cold Weather Survival Level 1

Our Cold Weather Survival 1 course is an excellent introduction to the basic skills necessary for surviving in a remote winter setting. The following topics will be covered during the course:

  • Pre-trip planning and preparation for winter travel
  • Equipment, clothing and survival kits
  • Hypothermia: prevention, recognition and treatment
  • Frostbite: prevention, recognition and treatment
  • Determining priorities in a cold weather emergency
  • Energy needs: food and hydration
  • Selecting a safe shelter site – tent overnight
  • Snow shelter basics
  • Fire skills for deep snow packs
  • Rescue signal devices
  • Water procurement for sub-freezing temps
Cold Weather Survival Level 2

This course will expand on the skills covered in Cold Weather Survival 1 as well as teach more advanced techniques. The following topics will be covered:

  • Snow travel: route selection, travel methods
  • Group dynamics in cold weather survival
  • Shelter Construction: tree well, snow pit
  • Locating and procuring dry materials for fire and insulation
  • Fire skills: wind screens and heat reflectors
  • Rescue signaling: smoke generator
  • Cooking method:
Cold Weather Survival Level 3

This course will expand further on the skills previously covered and provide the participant with the knowledge for surviving extreme cold. The following is a list of topics to be covered:

  • Problem solving during extreme cold
  • Avalanche assessment
  • Water procurement – solar snow still
  • Shelter Construction: snowcave
  • Cooking method: freeze dried
  • Navigating by sun and stars
  • Rescue signaling: contrast
Comprehensive Cold Weather Survival

Come and enjoy the beauty of Mt Hood in winter as you spend 6 days and 5 nights with your instructor learning all of the survival techniques covered in Cold Weather Survival 1-3.

2017 Course Dates:

Cold Weather Survival 1:
Jan 21 - 22 (Sat/Sun)
Nov 25 - 26

Cold Weather Survival 2:
Jan 23 - 24 (Mon/Tues)
Nov 27 - 28 (Mon/Tues)

Cold Weather Survival 3:
Jan 25 - 26 (Wed/Thur)
Nov 29 - 30 (Wed/Thur)

Comprehensive Cold Weather Survival:
Jan 21 - 26 (Sat - Thur)
Nov 25 - 30 (Sat - Thur)

Cold Weather Survival Instructor Certification:
Jan 31 - Feb 2 (Sat - Mon)


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