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NWSOS Primitive Survival Training
This is an ideal series of field courses for those who desire to step back in time to learn and refine methods in primitive survival. You will certainly appreciate the incredible skills of years-gone-by as you learn to live off the land with a variety of pre-modern methods. Our extensive hands-on training will instill confidence in your ability to survive for an extended period in the backcountry.
Primitive Survival Level 1

The following topics will be covered:

  • Coal burning: constructing utensils, cups and bowls
  • Pitch use: pitch sticks, glue, waterproofing, torches and first-aid
  • Tool construction and use: fire-hardened digging sticks
  • Cooking method: steam pit, using hot rocks for boiling water
  • Friction fire methods – with natural materials
  • Fire transport: fire bundles
Primitive Survival Level 2

The following topics will be covered:

  • Cordage: from plants and trees
  • Snares and traps: fish traps and bird snares
  • Baiting snares and traps for emergencies
  • Spear construction
  • Constructing tools from animal bones
  • Cooking method: hot coals
Primitive Survival Level 3

The following topics will be covered:

  • Snares and traps: deadfalls, snares and gill nets
  • Trigger construction for snares and traps
  • Atlatl and spear construction
  • Game-sign awareness: track identification, beds, lays and runs
  • Tracking skills: man and animal tracks
  • Game preparation: skinning, cleaning and preparing small game for food
  • Cooking method: rock ovens
Comprehensive Primitive Survival

Spend 6 days and 5 nights with your instructor learning all of the survival techniques covered in Primitive Survival 1-3.

2017 Course Dates:

Primitive Survival 1:
Jul 22-23 (Sat/Sun)
Sep 23-24 (Sat/Sun)

Primitive Survival 2:
Jul 24 - 25 Mon/Tues)
Sep 25 - 26 (Mon/Tues)

Primitive Survival 3:
Jul 26 - 27 (Wed/Thurs)
Sep 27 - 28 (Wed/Thurs)

Comprehensive Primitive Survival:
Jul 22 - 27 (Sat - Thurs)
Sep 23 - 28 (Sat - Thurs)


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