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NWSOS Wilderness Survival Training Shelter
All of our survival courses - Wilderness, Cold Weather (snow), Primitive and Desert, will provide you with enough skill and knowledge to properly take care of yourself on all future backcountry endeavors, regardless of weather, location, or available equipment. The extensive individual skill-building focus of each event will dramatically increase your confidence level as you progress through a series of exciting courses. If you are unsure how much training you need for specific applications, we can help you identify which courses will best meet your needs.
Wilderness Survival Seminar
This is an informative pre-trip seminar that will provide an overview of a variety of important survival topics.

Content of training:
  • Pre-trip planning and prerequisites.
  • What to do and what not to do in emergency settings.
  • Determining priorities in emergency settings.
  • Establishing clear and concise plans that work.
  • Hypothermia: prevention, recognition and treatment.
  • Dealing with stress and fear.
  • Fire skills for adverse conditions.
  • Emergency shelter basics.
  • Rescue signal devices.
  • Water procurement and disinfection.
  • Survival kits, clothing and equipment for multiple environments.
  • Slides, DVD’s and survival equipment recommendations will supplement this training.
Wilderness Survival 1
Our Wilderness Survival 1 course is an excellent introduction to the basic skills necessary for surviving in a remote wilderness setting. The following topics will be covered during the course:
  • Pre-trip planning and preparation
  • Equipment, clothing and survival kits
  • Hypothermia: prevention, recognition and treatment
  • Determining priorities in an emergency
  • Selecting a safe shelter site
  • Emergency shelter basics
  • Fire skills for adverse conditions
  • Cooking with hot coals
  • Rescue signal devices
  • Water procurement
Wilderness Survival 2

This course will expand on the skills covered in Wilderness Survival 1 as well as teach more advanced techniques. The following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to wild edibles
  • Nature observation: one on one with your surroundings
  • Knots and lashings
  • Shelter Construction: the wickiup
  • Throwing-stick construction and use
  • Introduction to animal stalking
  • Fire skills: wind screens and heat reflectors
  • Rescue signaling: making yourself big
  • Cooking method: rock frying and/or spit
Wilderness Survival 3

This course will expand further on the skills previously covered and provide the participant with techniques for minimizing the equipment required for surviving in a wilderness setting. The following is a list of topics to be covered:

  • Water procurement
  • Shelter construction: debris huts
  • Using “hot rocks” for warmth
  • Cooking method: baking in a rock oven
  • Navigating by sun and stars
  • Fire by friction: bow and drill
  • Rescue signaling: smoke generator
Comprehensive Wilderness Survival

Join us for a memorable experience in the Mt Hood National Forest while you spend 6 days and 5 nights with your instructor learning all of the survival techniques covered in Wilderness Survival 1-3.

2017 Course Dates:

Wilderness Survival Seminar
8am - 11am (Indoors)

Jul 29 (Sat) - Sandy, OR
Sep 2 (Sat) - Sandy, OR
Oct 7 (Sat) - Sandy, OR

Mt. Hood Area:
Wilderness Survival 1

May 6-7 (Sat/Sun) (Mother’s Day)
Jul 8-9 (Sat/Sun)
Sep 9-10 (Sat/Sun)

Wilderness Survival 2
May 8-9 (Mon/Tues)
Jul 10-11 (Mon/Tues)
Sep 11-12 (Mon/Tues)

Wilderness Survival 3
May 10-11 (Wed/Thurs)
Jul 12-13 (Wed/Thurs)
Sep 13-14 (Wed/Thurs)

Comprehensive Wilderness Survival
May 6-11 (Sat - Thurs)
Jul 8–13 (Sat - Thurs)
Sep 9 - 14 (Sat - Thurs)

Instructor Certification for Wilderness Survival
Aug 4-6 (Fri - Sun)
Oct 6-8 (Fri - Sun)


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